A blog chronicling our journey as we move to the country, completely tranform our home and adapt to country living.

~About Me~


I was born and raised in the city (Toronto) and in 2005 I met the man of my dreams. We got married in 2008 and purchased our first home in the suburbs (Maple). Three years, 2 dogs and 1 kitty later, we have decided to head North to a fixer upper in the country (Pottageville).
As a child, growing up in Toronto I had a backyard that was just big enough to fit a green turtle pool, a picnic table and a small vegetable garden. I remember several times when I'd pick up those "wish" flowers (weeds), close my eyes really tight and wish for a tree house. Even though we didn't have a tree in our backyard, I truly believed my wish would one day come true...maybe now it will:) Our new (old) house is located in Pottageville?? (5 minutes from Schomberg)It is a walkout brick bungalow that is situated on a half acre of land.
 Come along on this journey with us as we transform this old house into our home sweet home.