A blog chronicling our journey as we move to the country, completely tranform our home and adapt to country living.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Baci's Home!

Today I picked up our baby kitty! She is now 8 weeks old so it's safe for her to come home with us. We decided to name her Baci because #1-its my favourite chocolate ever!!! And #2- it means kisses in Italian, and she will definitely be getting plenty of those!

Baci and Diesel still haven't warmed up to eachother, they are staying 3 ft away from eachother at all times. Diesel seems a bit curious but everytime he tries to approach her she runs away! Eventually they will get used to eachother...I HOPE!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Our Home in the Suburbs

Currently we live in an 1800 sq ft detached 2 story  house. It is very modern and cozy at the same time. I am quite impressed (if I do say so myself) with the furniture and decor selection. We purchased this house directly from the builder (Aspen Ridge) and moved in about a year and a half later. During that time I spent alot of time watching HGTV, gathering ideas to help make our home beautiful. By the time we moved in I  already had the vision for my kitchen, family room and powder room. Everything came together  so easily and within the first few months my main floor was complete.

My family room- color scheme is neutrals (Brown, beige, white and grey) with a pop of blue (turquoise, aqua)

 I have a small addiction to wall decals! I find they add some interest to an otherwise plain wall. This one was only $2.00 purchased at my go to store...DOLLARAMA!

 This is our Fur Baby, Diesel...doing what he does best> relaxing! We got him in May 2008 and he has been an amazing addition to our little family.